Work with Us

Theres several ways to partner with us

1. As an Artist
You can help make some delicious artwork that appeal worldwide, We are accepting talented artists, so email your samples to our email, we will get back with you, with a response whether its horrible or awesome.

2. As a writer
You can write? Want to see your story COME TO LIFE? Awesome, Stories are just as important as artwork, we can make it happen if enough of our members vote to see your story drawn out. Send us a script, with a summary, we'll be happy to look it over. Once drawn out, the copyright will be ours but you can market it as part of your work, because it is!

3. As a webmaster
Run a website? Want to link to our website and make recurring bucks: Signup to our affiliate Program. Want to exchange links? Get a banner from our webmaster area , link it on your website, then Contact us. Want to chat and make friends? We friendly.

4. As a region promoter
Love our work, would love to get into business with us? Do you have what it takes to market for a whole complete region? Spain? Antartica? China? We can convert our comics to your language, you handle the whole marketing for that region. This will require upfront capital, and a show of marketing skills.

5. As a fan
Read our comics, Love our artwork. Tell your friends, Write on the forum, You are the most important thing in ArtJaguar! We want you to have fun just as much as we are having fun drawing this crazy stuff!