ArtJaguar is a team focused on bringing the highest quality art to people worldwide. We want to entertain the world with vivid drawings and funny artwork. Headquartered in Queens, New York.

JAGUAR - The man that focuses on perfection. Not a hair goes undrawn, an eyeshadow goes undarkened. Not an aerola misplaced. His mood is equivalent to a roller coaster, when high, this guy draws like a possessed Van goh. When low, this guy medidates sitting on his wacom tablet, drinking homemade ikea coffee. He wants to take comic and art to the next level!

JACK- This dude just dabbles , jack of all trades, expert of nothing. He tries to keep the site running. Hopefully he remembers to pay the hosting bill.

AGHORI- This guy writes a ton of funny shit, he creates his own dark joker type of comics on his free time, teaches english to people for free in new york. Nice guy.

Jon@Sec- This guy is a coding wiz, The site you are on is developed by him, he loves security espicially unix security, hopefully you won't be able to buffer overflow our website because he's watching it like a hawk. Be warned. If you do, don't steal anything :D

Sanjit - Web design guy who does responsive html. The only reason why you can view our website with your HTC phone, is cause of him and Jon.

Our other artists and developers, Viper, Phil21, SHEN, Chris Biographies coming soon.